Online Conference 12 October 2022 on Oral history & Mills

17 september 2022


Capturing stories about life and work on the mills

What did daily life used to look like on the Dutch mills? How did millers learn their craft, did their family work with them on the mill and what was their place in society? What was it like to grow up on an isolated drainage mill without running water and electricity? The number of people that can answer questions like these is diminishing fast and many of those stories are not recorded anywhere. To collect and document the experiences of the last generation that grew up on the mills in the province of Zuid-Holland, heritage organisation Erfgoedhuis Zuid-Holland set up an interview project called Molenverhalen (Mill Stories).

In this webinar Marloes Wellenberg and Ellen Steendam share the highlights of this project, which has unearthed new perspectives on life and work on the mills. They also provide practical advice on setting up your own (small scale) project. Furthermore, they elaborate on the value of oral history for the participants, the general public and present day millers and mill organisations.

Are you a miller or in some way involved or interested in safeguarding the craft of the miller, sign up.